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Cell Culture Flasks

CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Flasks
For cell culture, Greiner Bio-One offers Standard and Filter Cap Cell Culture Flaks with growth areas of 25 cm², 75 cm² and 175 cm². Suspension culture flasks complete the range in the sizes 50 ml, 250 ml, 550 ml and 650 ml. 
All Greiner Bio-One cell culture flasks are made of high-grade polystyrene. For adherent cell growth, the surface of our Standard and Filter Cap Cell Culture Flask are also pre-treated, to improve cell adhesion and prolifteration.
The special design of our cell culture flask makes it possible to efficiently reach the cell lawn with a cell scraper, whilst still providing optimal access with a pipette. The neck of the high profile flask reduces the risk of wetting the inside of the cap with medium, and thus provides additional protection against contamination. The stacking ridge on the top of the flasks makes them easy to stack and ensures that they stand firmly in the incubator. Both sides have a printed or engraved graduation, for easier filling.

CELLSTAR® AutoFlask™

Cell culture flask for automated systems

Greiner Bio-One, in collaboration with the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF), San Diego (USA), has developed a unique cell culture flask, the AutoFlask™, designed for automated tissue culture. The external dimensions comply with ANSI Standards to render the flask suitable for use on a wide range of cell culture and liquid handling systems. Sterility of the flask content is ensured during solution exchanges through a robot accessible pre-scored multiple entry septum.
The oval design facilitates specified slit position and maximal slit size to permit septum piercing with disposable plastic tips. The unique centrifugation pocket enables separation of cells from supernatant in the flask and the integrated hydrophobic filter ensures adequate gas exchange during cultivation of even very sensitive ce Optimized for automated cell culture

  •  Fits standard microplate footprint
  •  Compatible with wide range of cell culture and liquid handling systems
  •  Hydrophobic gaseous exchange membrane
  •  Proprietary physical surface treatment for adherent cells
  •  Also available with biological surface treatment CELLCOAT® Poly-D-Lysine and Collagene Type 1
  •  Also available with polymer modification Advanced TC
  •  Customizable barcode labelinglls.

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